The “shopper-buyer “of 2014 is one of the most well informed people, primarily due to technology. He/she can find out more about a company or a brand in 30 minutes on a cell phone than the average person could in a week 10 years ago. That is the buying public of today. They want straight talk and good service.

Without exception, every shopper who comes into our store looking to purchase or inquiring about a hot tub will eventually ask: “WHAT MAKES JACUZZI BRAND ANY DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER HOT TUB?”

To which I reply, “What makes a Mercedes different from a Ford or a Chevy”? This is when it feels really good to be the Mercedes / Jacuzzi Dealer.

A buyer has to feel good about the quality of the product before they can feel good about the pricing of the product. In my comparison conversations, here are the 5 simple comparisons I make before we talk about price.

#1)     Jacuzzi is the #1 purchaser of grade “A” acrylic in the US. There are 5 grades of acrylic sold, “A” being of the highest quality. Our most expensive spa has the same quality and tensile strength as our lowest priced spa. There is never any compromise in quality because of price.

#2)     Jacuzzi created their own electronic mother boards and control features. One small feature that you won’t find on any other brand is a freeze protection override which will never allow your Jacuzzi hot tub to freeze as long as power is supplied to the unit. It will also start up after power has been lost to restore full operation and function to the hot tub. A myriad of other features like this are working on your Jacuzzi for you all the time.

#3)     Jacuzzi has a “State of the Art” UVC purification system which not only purifies the water, but also sterilizes it to the highest quality. It does not use salt, which is highly corrosive to any metal components and the surrounding environment. Nor does it produce Ozone gas which is the least effective of these three systems. The same unit is in both our highest priced model and our lowest priced. Again, no compromise in features because of price.

#4)     Jacuzzi jets will not be found on any other Brand. They are exclusive to Jacuzzi only! The jets are designed for deep tissue massage, not to make an impression on a buyer or bubbles for show. Many spa manufacturers compensate the lack of quality jets with the total number of jets. Those manufacturers have forgotten the original mission for which the “JACUZZI” was created. Giocondo Jacuzzi invented “hydro therapy” for his son with juvenile arthritis. It was the first Jet ever created and is still the best jet in the industry today.

#5)     Any product is only as good as those who stand behind it. The factory warranty provided by Jacuzzi, coupled with Certified Pool and Spa’s dedication to making every customer completely satisfied, will insure your purchase provides you with a quality of life for years to come. If you are comfortable with the product, we have a model which will fit your budget.